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Intergroup Rep’s Information Page


New Rep’s Orientation at 7:00pm, just prior to Intergroup Meetings which is at 7:30-8:30pm, first Monday of the month, at Trinity Lutheran Church, 1225 Hopyard Rd. Pleasanton


TASKS for Intergroup Reps: Please review the following 3 Items:


1. RECAPS These are IG meeting notes emailed to Reps a few days after the IG meeting, please report these items at your AA Group meetings. Ask for votes when indicated.         

       RECAP Sep 2017

       RECAP Aug 2017

       Recap Jan 2017




2. Group Contribution Reports – Compare contribution amounts in the report to that which is reported by the treasurer of your Group. This is our check and balance to be sure all funds are accounted for.


July ’16 to June ’17 Contributions


3. REP’S HandbookPLEASE read these guidelines on how to be an IG Rep. Includes basic Robert’s Rules of Order used in the IG meeting

Reps Handbook_12_3_12


Prior Contribution Reports:

Group Contributions Mar-Dec 2016

Group Contributions Mar – Nov, 2016

Group Contributions March – July 2016

Group Contributions- Feb 2016

March to July FY15-16 Group Contribution Report

Group Contribution Mar-Nov 2015

For comparison, FY14-15 Full Year Group’s Contributions Report

For comparison, FY 13-14 Full Year Group’s Contributions Report

For comparison, FY 12-13 Full Year Group’s Contribution Report



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