AA Service Manual

The A.A. Service Manual w/ Twelve Concepts for World Service
2021 – 23 Edition

Service ManualThe A.A. Service Manual has a whole new look.
Streamlined, updated and much more readable, this resource is
essential for anyone in service to Alcoholics Anonymous at any

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Two titles in a single booklet.

The A.A. Service Manual is a critical resource for A.A. members involved in service.

Chapters cover the roles of GSRs, DCMs, delegates, directors and trustees, as well as what happens at G.S.O. and Grapevine.

Substantive appendices cover the principle of rotation, the Third Legacy Procedure and much more.

In Twelve Concepts for World Service, A.A. co-founder Bill W. articulates the principles by which A.A.’s world service operates and recounts how these emerged through A.A.’s early history and experience.

Revised and fully reformatted in 2021.
General Service Conference-approved.
8.375” x 10.875”
256 pages