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There are no fees for AA membership. All you need is a desire to stop drinking.

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There are meetings every day, early morning, lunch tie, early evening, and late evenings in the TriValley.

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Our community is an active place to be sober. Find out what’s happening now in and around the TriValley area.

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The Valley Intergroup Service Council provides help to our local AA groups with volunteers and part ime office staff.


➡️ Moved on September 17, 2022 ⬅️
6500 Dublin Blvd, #216 (2nd Floor)
Dublin, CA 94568

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Valley Intergroup Service Council maintains an office in Dublin, staffed by a trusted servant, to support the groups in the TriValley with AA sponsored literature, AA books at cost, AA Birthday Chips, and more!

While we are in the same building as the TriValley Fellowship, we are a separate entity. 

Your service is needed to help keep this office open so please make yourself available as a volunteer to help staff the office.

Located on Dublin Boulevard in Dublin it is a great place to provide valuable service to your TriValley AA groups.

Contact Michele at 925-829-3160 to volunteer for this or ANY Intergroup service positions that REALLY need your support.

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AA Videos

AA Videos

Learn more  about AA listening to videos from our main national AA site, speakers on Youtube, and whereever you listen to your audios.

contributions Accepted

“Every AA group ought to be fully self-supporting declining outside contributions.”

In keeping with AA’s Seventh Tradition of self-support, we accept contributions only from AA members.

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