There’s No Place Like HOMEBOUND!

Come be a part of the Sub-Committee for this amazing service to the Tri-Valley area.

The subcommittee has open positions. If you are available or interested in any of the following positions, please join us on our next Sub Committee meeting.

  1. Volunteer Coordinator – 6 months sobriety requirement
  2. Recording Secretary – No sobriety requirement

Sub-committee meeting 3rd Sunday of each month @ 5:00pm PT.

Zoom Meeting Info: Meeting ID: 854 3871 8538 / Password: HB2021

Click on the links below if you would like to be a volunteer or would like to request the service!

If you are interested in being of service and bringing a meeting to someones home

If you are interested in having a meeting brought to your home.
(Service now available)

If you want to be on the subcommittee, have questions about this service, or if you need help to complete the forms, please contact:

Lesa G – Homebound.Chair@gmail.com or (925) 519-3584

Homebound Newsletters

December newsletter is available. Find out what is new and exciting with Homebound Service. Feel free to download and bring to your homegroups.

Dec Homebound Newsletter

Is your homegroup accessible for ALL Alcoholics? Download the Checklist and review with your group.

CEC – Cooperation with the Elder Community

Jerry presented to the All Area Accessibility Committee on 12/19. Learn about the history of the CEC and how you and your homegroups can make a difference.

 Homebound for Tri-Valley Area

Lesa presented to the All Area Accessibility Committee on 11/21 about Homebound in our community and the process we put together. Learn about what homebound is and how it works.

How to interact with members who are blind or visually impaired.

Jerry is a blind member who presented to the All Area Accessibility Committee on 7/11/21. He has provided us information on how to interact with members who are blind or have low vision.

Download his suggestions and educate your homegroups.


Want to learn more about Remote Accessibility Committee in our area?

Join us on the 2nd Monday of each month at 4-5:30pm PT

Serving All Alcoholics – Making the A.A. Message Accessible

Online Meetings

Home bound Alcoholics Anonymous members also have the opportunity to attend meetings online. Click here to learn more.

Click this link to attend a GoToMeeting AA link to attend a live meeting:

What is LIM?

The Loners-International Meeting (LIM) is a confidential bimonthly bulletin sent to Loners, Homers, Internationalists, Port Contacts, and Loner Sponsors. The bulletin contains excerpts from LIM members’ letts hat are sent to the General Service Office (G.S.O) of Alcoholics Anonymous. The bulletiin includes full names and addresses. LIM is distributed only to members described below who appreciate the need for confidentialtiy of personla sharing with one another through correspondence.

To participate, an A.A. member needs to: 1) read and write English; 2) provide a stable email and/or mailing address; and, 3) be willing to share experience, strength and hope via correspondence. Many LIM members communciate via email, while some utilize postal mail.

A G.S.O staff member coordinates the Loners, Homers and Internationalists correspondence service, which is open to A.A. members who fit one of the categories listed below:

Loner = An A.A. member who is unable to attend meetings regularly because there is no A.A. meeting in the vicinity where he or she lives

Homer = An A.A. member who is unable to attend A.A. meetings because of physical incapacity.

Internationalist = An A.A. member working on a seagoing vessel for long periods.

Port Contact = An A.A. member serving as a contact for Internationalists when in port.

Loner Sponsor = An A.A. member active in local A.A. meetings; who shares his or her experiences and grouop activity with Loners, Homers and Internationalists through corresponence. A Longer Sponsor is not a “Loner” or a “sponsor” in the traditional A.A. sense.