Suggestions for Holding Virtual Meetings

Suggestions for Hosting Virtual Meetings:

A San Francisco group has set up a “One Corona too many” online group and shared the following suggestions:

  • Everyone should mute their phone unless they want to share, or want to interject a laugh or other nondisruptive sound.
  • If two people try to share at the same time, the secretary can break the tie if needed.
  • Due to lag in conference calls, it’s probably best to have one person lead the opening / closing prayers. Otherwise a hilarious discord will ensue. (Same goes for intros for new people)
  • An example phone meeting format is here
    • Feel free to use your group’s regular format, adapted for phone
  • You may consider doing a “Hybrid Meeting” if your meeting has older members that want to attend, or people who are sick. Someone could bring in a laptop and join the conference via computer so they could join.
  • For the 7th tradition, you can use Venmo, Paypal, or just send money to your fellowship’s general service office