Why Should I Care if there’s a Valley Service Center Picnic on August 20th ?

The Service Center is doing fine without us doing all this extra stuff, right? Isn’t this just one more fund raiser?

Each year we have only 2 of these special Unity Events to support the Valley Service Center, the Anniversary Dinner, usually in January, and the Valley Service Center Picnic each Summer.

In 2019-20, the last year when everyone was meeting in-person, Group Contributions totaled $19,000 but expenses were almost $31,000.

This shortfall was made up by the proceeds from Unity Events.

Last year, when so much of our Fellowship became ‘virtual’, Groups stepped up and contributed almost $22,000, but expenses were still almost $30,000 and Literature sales fell to just over $4,000.

But why do we even need a Valley Service Center (VSC)? What does the Valley Service Center do anyway?

Your Valley Service Center:

✅Is the source of a full range of literature (books and pamphlets) published by AA and theGrapevine.

✅Supports the local Hotline service for people seeking information about AA in the Tri-Valley Area.

✅Provides and updates the content for our updated and improved website, www.trivalleyaa.org.

✅Maintains the ever-changing schedule of meetings in our area.

✅Manages the business office for AA in the Tri-Valley Area, including insurance, tax filings,banking, etc.

In short, the VSC plays a vital role in carrying the message of recovery to people in the Tri-Valley area.

Unity events like the Summer Picnic are our chance to keep the lights on at the VSC. There is going to be great food and fun at this year’s in person event in the park.

Tickets can be purchased online using Venmo at @VSCspecialevents for $10, or ‘at the door’
for $12.

Groups have traditionally provided baskets or items for the donation drawing (Raffle) at the Picnic.

Whatever your Group decides to do, individuals can help support the VSC by joining us on Saturday, August 20th to celebrate our amazing recovery community.

Please let your Groups and friends in the Program know that their support is what keeps us carrying the message to the still suffering alcoholic.

Want to help? Contact us!

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